Why The Chinese Novel Into The World Literature

Why The Chinese Novel Into The World Literature


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why the Chinese novel into the world literature

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Writers of the interesting quirks 2010/05/26 [Source : Chinese
Business Morning News ] [ comment ] [Adjust Font Size : medium and small

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Later, I found this Today, would like to add a subject to talk about writers - that is,

often some writers bitterly ask ourselves, why the Chinese novel had
zero foreign literature prize, and why the Chinese novel into the world
literature. It seems the writer is a well-known, these problems will
naturally ran to them.

In my opinion, truly advanced literary
works, all to meet the others did opportunistic efforts, that itself
contains factors is bound to fail.

literature is a human
science, human science is the Mind, Mind is required extremely seriously
and does not allow false. Good work, must be the outflow from the
writer's mind, the writers soul, or a local height of fully embodies.
Each person can have is limited, and can play to their talents to the
vertex, is the author of the best state, and Red bottoms
further, it is only pulling her hair raised. If we say that this man's
talent, the fundamental and world-class level does not take the
community, cheap red bottom heels in passing, that old thinking that the Award of this Award, is ambitious, overconfident, somewhat ridiculous. If you Cheap Christian louboutin
do have a world-class, then do not cranky, that your talent will be
greatly undermined. The most important is to concentrate the mind, to
dig their talents, to face their own heart, to keep herself in one of
the most clean impurities in the state of the art and soul of the depth
and real dialogue. Any meet, any opportunistic, are contrary to the mind
as a precondition. Said, literature is the heart of science, good work,
and must be excellent writers mind reflect. If a writer with his heart
are trying to cheat, you may write a really good work? This work, which
must have many unified unreasonable, will definitely be not uniform,
unreasonable and not true, untrue but can not convince the people, not
impress people. Because of your efforts, two dominate the others, one is
your own, between the two simply can not be co-ordination.

Writers Do not think too much, the only thing you need to do is to face
their own heart, in the field of literature, he found himself, to
improve their ability to observe, perception ability, performance
ability, and effort you the highest point of the talent, pure display of
literary and artistic talent.

on literary criticism literary criticism

said that China is now no criticism, only praise (in fact, not all
coverage of this phenomenon is relatively large), are said the Chinese
literary criticism and interests closely linked together. Living abroad
understand the situation, Red sole shoes no right to speak, although I also believe that since so many people say, it is certainly not far-fetched.

but as a people are also engaged in literary criticism, I asked myself,
how can I do. The answer is very clear, I'm not a Commission for
Discipline Inspection, I only care about literature, do their fair share
of things to do in the field of literature, is a good, bad is bad, with
a literary conscience, with literary accomplishment, seeking truth from
facts to write about my feelings, my own writing only requirement is
expertly and accurately a clever way Christian louboutin outlet to write.

one is justified criticism, even if it is and stakeholders, we are
still the field of literature agree with it, respect it. Of course, most
of the interests of Christian louboutin replica
criticism, are against the measure can not stand the standard of
literary, is ridiculous and disgusting. So, as a literary human, have
the responsibility, do not let this ridiculous become a conclusive
defraud the public and misleading to the readers to do is to make their
voices heard to the reader to the literary world, to provide a strong
literary standards of the respondents. To Replica Christian louboutin
do so, in my opinion, and criticism of the interests of the most
powerful blow. In the professional field, so they know their own poor,
make them feel ashamed, so that did not dare to continue unbridled, one
to do whatever they want without fear, utter a. Always hear some chatter
endlessly so and so who wrote the interests of the comments, but do christian Louboutin red shoe sale nothing, this chatter Wedding gowns
in a sense, just a chat for dinner Chayu increase. A lot of people
complain about addiction, but complain and complain. If everyone is
moving, more literary criteria, more real criticism, then the interests
of criticism, so naturally he ashamed to leave the stage.

literary criticism addressed to whom, no doubt, addressed to the
writers, readers. To the writer, is a reference to the views of their
works, to help the writer to know themselves, to see the way to go, and
can continue to walk the road; readers, critics personally do the work,
point of view, knowledge, experience, play a guiding role.

now, many of the criticisms of our article, do not say that readers do
not see, even the writer does not depend on. Too much like the text of
the theory. Said, , much like the theory. Once you really spend energy
to get to know them, you will find that they wrote really has little to
do with the work. Often resulting in a number of writers commented,
after reading the comments of rating their own work, began to doubt the
assessment of in the end of this article is not your own work?

theory is what? The theory is all kinds of things, the phenomenon louboutin replica of a summary.

sexy Fishnet Lingerie
As a critic, theories of learning, the ease of our efficient and
effective way to master others have summarized the experience. However,
is not as long as the theory is correct, the real know how to learn, not
only have a unique identifier, the theory is correct or not vision, but
also have a good at discovering and absorption to be able to load the
capacity of self-system theory. Each critic must have its own system.
This system is actually very simple, in your heart, and rely on your own
in good faith, to experience. System, then learn more useless. We often
say that In any field, capable people who, often excellent ism. Is not
capable of self-system, then bring and take, the results took to become
someone else, a lot like hard to say.

to some extent, the Cheap Christian louboutin shoes
theory a bit like a mathematical formula to master these formulas,
literary criticism, in order to use use them to analyze, interpret the
work. But unfortunately, some of our comments, it seems that only other
people's theories from the book of a Sexy Fishnet Lingerie
notebook to move out in the article, a layer of stuffing, pile high,
can not use them to solve problems, do not use them to analyze the
interpretation of works.

so full of criticism of the theory,
even if esoteric, write, do not write the same, can not help writers,
can not help the reader, can not afford the actual role of literature.
Moreover, such a profound, is itself questionable. The theory of so many
others, composed of an Arts and Jietong article is definitely not an
easy task. A famous writer, saying in the criticism of those who piled
up the theory of the critics said, he said:

Of course, here is some. Theory from replica louboutin
the works, rather than work from the theory. The theory is a summary of
the practice, cha-cha, back into the practice to use only its value.
Theoretical knowledge as possible, but as a literary critic, it is
important to have mastered the theory, the technology to simplify the
complicated simple system, and ease to use to the appreciation of
literary works.


literary criticism, in the final analysis, as Mr. Zhou Zuoren said: literature appreciation. Words both plain and simple, but Christian louboutin sale also real, and, it is in place.

the following to say a cheap louboutin replica small idea. A large number of review articles, it seems there is a common feature, that is a very long replica christian louboutin shoes
sentences, composition, much like translated from western criticism
(including my own). Read much about this, and translated text of our
generation, especially the text of the theoretical criticism class. Over
time, we have the illusion, as if a long sentence, a complex
composition, a bit like the comments, it is esoteric. Not to mention,
this expression is contrary cheap christian louboutin shoes
to the literary criticism must be clear principles, need to think about
is that such a text whether because Gegedada, the readers are not
interested in even read down reasons?

fifteen hundred years
ago, China has had literary theory, literary criticism works, vibration
leaves to the roots, Mission Hills, while the cable source, concise,
written in great subtlety. Immodestly, even today, compared to Western
theories, but also by no means inferior, even superior. This is the
Northern and Southern Liu Xie, written by Liu Xie. Read this book before
it was found out, criticism or theory, or all the conceptions of the
world, are actually the easiest, most simple, and can be expressed in
the most simple text. Of course, we can not use the text of the ancients
to write articles, but at least they are with the simplicity and
clarity of thought and Red bottom shoes expression method is that we should strive to learn.

a few years ago, a literary friend and I learn that: Flaubert once
said: truly like to express. tablets will be able to write this person's
real appearance, then I think he was wrong. A real writer, scholar, it
is important to have their own judgment, not blind faith in anyone.

have said today, some may be more extreme, I hope you understand
inclusive. Chinese literature, need to go too far, only a little
overdone, rebound, back to the correct location.

also have to
declare all the words I said, both for others, but also for my own,
because I am both a writer and critic, my body, with all the
contemporary Chinese writers. The critics may have common problems.
(Subhead plus the editor)


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